Mentorship Training

Through the SCPa Industry Partnership, a CNA Mentor Train-the-Trainer curriculum was developed for nursing facilities to add a mentoring component of a well-constructed orientation and on-the-job training program for recently hired CNAs providing them the initial practical experience and support they need for long-term success. Studies have shown that initial orientations and support improve retention. The use of this mentor training curriculum should ease the transition to full responsibility and contribute to improvements in retention.

Nurse Aide ILT Presentation
Nurse Aide Mentor ILT Workbook
NA-Mentoring Timing Guide

ACHCA Mentoring

Research shows that effective onboarding and mentoring enables new hires, specifically newly hired caregivers, to be more competent and confident in their skills before being fully deployed on their own which contributes to greater job satisfaction, quality of care and employee retention. But often newly hired facility administrators suddenly find themselves without a support network and feel alone and isolated.

Mentoring is the pairing of more experienced with less experienced people in order to facilitate the sharing of information, experience and advice. A mentor is a close, trusted and experienced guide. The American College of Health Care Administrators has a mentor program where it pairs its experienced fellows as mentors with new administrators.

You can find more information about this program in this slide presentation the ACHCA shared with AHCA and its state affiliates like PHCA. Please view the brief video explaining the program here.

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Advocating for residential care providers to solve problems regarding financial and medical decisions, Medical Assistance eligibility disputes, and to reduce risk management tort liability exposure through the Orphans’ Courts and Bureau of Hearings and Appeals throughout all 67 counties in Pennsylvania from our offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburg area.

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