April 18, 2023

Inside PHCA’s 2023 Regulatory Resource Suite

Navigating the Department of Health’s (DOH) Nursing Facility Licensure Regulations with PHCA’s New Resource Suite

As the leading advocacy organization for long-term care providers in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA) understands the challenges that nursing facility administrators and staff members might face when it comes to compliance with the new, complex state nursing facility regulations. That’s why the association recently rolled out member-exclusive Regulatory Resource Suite to provide members with the tools they need to navigate this new regulatory landscape.

What’s included in PHCA’s Regulatory Resource Suite?

The Regulatory Resource Suite includes several compliance checklists, a comprehensive regulatory document, a roadmap through notable regulatory amendments, resident rights printouts, and more. 

Members can access resources such as the Nursing Facility Personnel Records Checklist and our Abridged Regulations: Notable Amendments to help ensure compliance with the latest regulations and policies. Additionally, PHCA formatted a comprehensive regulatory document that details the new nursing facility licensure regulations and the changes that long-term care facilities need to make to ensure compliance.

Why did PHCA develop these resources?

As Gail Weidman, Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at PHCA, explains, “The PHCA team created these resources to help our members prepare for the upcoming changes to the state’s licensure regulations. Recognizing the current challenges nursing homes are facing – PHCA took a proactive approach to help providers navigate the updated provisions and to ensure compliance with the new regulatory requirements. It is our hope that these resources will be valuable to countless administrators, staff members, and the residents they serve.”

PHCA is committed to supporting its members and providing them with the resources and information they need to provide high-quality care.

DOH Regulation Changes and Resources: What’s next?

PHCA is also developing additional resources, including nursing facility staffing ratio and HPPD tools, as well as Resident Rights posters that will be distributed to all PHCA member facilities. As new resources are added to the suite, members who have registered for access to the resources will receive notifications for the new tools once they are available.

PHCA’s commitment to its members is unwavering, which is why the association will continue to solicit feedback from providers who identify new ideas for resources that can support them as they navigate DOH’s regulatory changes in 2023 and beyond.

If you have any questions about these resources or would like to request access, please contact PHCA at regresources@phca.org. If you’re a business partner or a future PHCA member, we encourage you to click below to find out more about how to access these resources.

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