DOH Provider Bulletins

Provider Bulletins

The Division of Nursing Care Facilities, Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), issues Provider Bulletins to inform nursing facilities of changes and provide guidance on policy and procedures that must be adhered to.

Provider Bulletin Index

This provides a listing of Provider Bulletins currently in effect.

Division of Nursing Care Facilities Entrance Conference Checklist

The Entrance Conference Checklist provides a list of information/documents that a nursing facility will be requested to provide during the survey process.

Provider Bulletins

Provider Bulletin 2011-12: Independent Informal Dispute Resolution

This Bulletin outlines the procedures nursing facilities must follow when requesting an Independent Informal Resolution (IIDR) review for deficiencies that lead to the imposition of civil money penalties by CMS.

Provider Bulletin 2012-11-13: Required Reportable Events/Actions by Facility

This Bulletin provides notice of the Division of Nursing Care Facility’s revised guidance for required reportable events.

Provider Bulletin 2012-11-29: National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care and Reduce Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes

This Bulletin provides information regarding the Division of Nursing Care Facility’s plan to support nursing facilities in their efforts to decrease the antipsychotic drug use in Pennsylvania nursing facilities.

Provider Bulletin 2012-2-1: Department of State Referrals of Licensed Professionals When Allegations have been Unsubstantiated by the Facility

This Bulletin provides guidance to nursing facilities regarding referrals to the Department of State.

Provider Bulletin 2102-05-1: Long-Term Care Nursing Facility Independent Informal Dispute Resolution Act, Act 128 of 2011

This Bulletin outlines the State Independent Informal Dispute Resolution (IIDR) process provided for in Act 128 of 2011.

Provider Bulletin 22: Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation of Property by Nurse Aides or Others – LTC PB No. 22 (Revised 2/25/10)

This Bulletin provides notice of the Division of Nursing Care Facilities’ revision of “facility Report of Investigation of Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation of Property” by any individual used by the facility to provide services to the resident.

Provider Bulletin 29: Nurse Aide Registry Update

This Bulletin provides information to assist providers in interpreting the federal regulations as they relate to Nurse Aide Registry.

Provider Bulletin 31: Training of Companions/Sitters in Medicare or Medicaid Certified Long-Term Care Facilities

This Bulletin clarifies training requirements regarding Companion/Sitters providing services to residents in long-term care nursing facilities.

Provider Bulletin 35: Disposition of Patient Medications

This Bulletin clarifies the Department’s position regarding the disposition of resident medications.

Provider Bulletin 37: Exception/Waiver Request

This Bulletin addresses exceptions to the licensure requirements for long-term care nursing facilities.

Provider Bulletin 42: Taping of Exit Conference

This Bulletin provides information regarding the Department’s position on the taping of exit conference discussions.

Provider Bulletin 44: Informal Dispute Resolution Process

This Bulletin outlines the procedures nursing facilities must follow when exercising the option to dispute a survey finding through the Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process.

Provider Bulletin 48: Surety Bond Requirements-Clarification of “Obligee”

This Bulletin provides information regarding 42 CFR §483.10(c)(7); assurance of financial security to nursing facilities in Pennsylvania.

Provider Bulletin 49: Department Access to Records at Nursing Homes Pursuant to 35 P.S. § 448.813

This Bulletin provides information regarding the provision of access of records to Department surveyors.

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