COVID-19 Resources

Over the last several weeks, we’ve received a number of offers from business partners and others offering support and resources to help long-term care communities respond to the COVID-19 public emergency.

As we receive information from business partners and others, we will update this page to provide you with the most up-to-date resources and contact information:

PPE Supplies

HPSI – Supply Rapid Response
HPSI is working to ensure immediate visibility into critical product and other needs for your organization during this tumultuous time. This supply rapid response form will help HPSI elevate your most immediate needs and get them into the hands of their internal sourcing team and supplier partners.

This will help us track and monitor changing and regional needs. We will do our very best to help support your most pressing product needs, but we may not be able to solve them all. As we all know, these are unprecedented times and some products are unfortunately not available anywhere.

Geiger is one of the largest family-owned and operated, and the largest privately held, promotional products distributor in the world. Currently, Geiger has various PPE items (goggles, eyewear, surgical face masks, pvc and nitrile gloves, and more) available.  Please contact Craig Simon or visit their website for more information.

RCJ Global Enterprises
RCJ Global Enterprises, an organization run by Roberto Clemente, Jr., has identified a source of personal protective equipment in western Pennsylvania. The manufacturer has complete certifications and is used across the globe for medical supplies. For more information, please email You will receive additional information about purchase minimums and other details for placing an order.

The Beistle Company
The Beistle Company, a Pennsylvania medical device manufacturer, has retooled its manufacturing capabilities to make plastic face masks. These masks are currently in production. While not yet FDA or ASTM approved, they would still be effective during a shortage. For more information, please contact Doug Holdren at or 717-532-2131, ext. 324.

Aunt Flow
Aunt Flow, a Columbus, Ohio-based manufacturer producing menstruation products and dispensers, has transitioned its production line to manufacture FDA-Approved masks. Both of the following available for order on the website:

To place orders of more than 10,000, please email Jen Severns at

NorthCape, a major outdoor furniture manufacturer based in Alsip, Illinois, has transitioned its production and distribution functions to produce and distribute hospital-approved and nurse-designed fabric masks and nurse gowns. They are currently producing these products, and have the capacity to increase output. For pricing and ordering information, click here.

The Faber Distillery
The Faber Distillery, located in Quakertown, PA, has shifted some of its production efforts to manufacture hand sanitizer to help in the response efforts to COVID-19. Approved hand sanitizer is available by the case or by pallet and is sold in standard one-liter liquor bottles. The sanitizer is glycerine-based, not gel-based, so it is more of a spray. Pricing is $80/case (no tax) which works out to be $6.67 per bottle. Pallet pricing is $2,640 for 44 cases which works out to be $60/case and $5.00/bottle. Delivery costs for the first pallet is $500.

For ordering information, please email Drew Lyons at

The Griff Network
Griff is currently collaborating with a FLEXcon (Spencer, Massachusetts) designed face shield. Griff will be manufacturing and distributing this ease of use face shield. This simple shield that can be mounted to virtually any pair of glasses within seconds. In addition, these help to shield and protect the K95, KN95 and 3-ply masks. For more information, click here.

For ordering information, please contact Mary Phinn via email at or by phone at 215-208-5925.

OlleyMay – Proforma Affiliate Partner
OlleyMay has partnered with Proforma (a $500 million U.S./Canadian Distributor with over 650 offices in the U.S.) to distribute much needed and FDA Approved/Licensed and Certified Personal Protective Equipment.  Proforma is well known as one of the largest providers of marketing and branded merchandise in the country and they’re now taking the lead role in this massive PPE initiative.  Proforma has leveraged their many supply chain relationships and negotiated with the world’s top factories to help healthcare facilities, hospitals, local and state government offices and other organizations in this effort. They are currently offering the following PPE items:

  • KN95 Masks
  • Isolation Gowns
  • Full Seal Goggles
  • Surgical Medical Masks

For more information, click here.

FedMed has been working relentlessly and vetting suppliers to build an ad-lib supply chain for KN95 masks, 3 ply masks, and other PPE. Our Chinese facility is in line with FEMA for a site inspection, and we are ready to begin providing FDA registered supplies at large volumes.

For more information on products or pricing, click here.

Imperial Sales and Marketing
Imperial Sales and Marketing has been working with PHCA members in the southeast to meet minimum order requirements for PPE. Imperial has inventory in its Midwest warehouse of KN95 (over 200,000 units) and many disposable surgical masks and can ship FedEx Ground from the warehouse for a flat rate of $2o.00 for a case of masks.

In addition to the KN95 masks, Imperial can provide isolation gowns, surgical masks, isolation masks, nitrile gloves, shoe covers, and head caps. For a listing of products, click here. For more information, contact Richard Blum at or via phone at 215-378-7200.

Zacuto, a manufacturer of camera accessories for the film industry with a worldwide customer base, has identified one of its suppliers in China which has a division that produces KN-95 masks recently been approved for use in the U.S. For verification, confirmation of certification is available with Celab (Certification Company that includes specialization in respiratory masks). Purchasers can go to and enter the UCN # 802759487332. Celab will ask for a return email address and will confirm these masks are Celab certified and what certification means via this separate email. Additionally, included is Certification of FDA registration with Listing # D375637.

For more information or to place an order, contact Roger Quagliano via phone at 773-575-8799 or via email at


Other Resources

Scrubs on Wheels – Scrubs/Uniforms
Scrubs on Wheels is a mobile vendor of scrubs uniforms for health care facilities throughout Pennsylvania. For more information, email

MedsPack – Accredited Specialty Pharmacy – Medication Supply/Delivery
Amy Lewis:

Hartman Advisors – Technology Considerations
Outbreaks such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) are unique in that the CDC and other health professionals recommend people stay home from work for extended periods of time if they have developed COVID-19 or were potentially exposed to the virus. Organizations need to be prepared to continue normal operations with a potentially large percentage of their staff working remotely, possibly for weeks or more, particularly staff who have traditionally not been remote workers. Hartman Advisors has offered this resource.

HealthPro-Heritage – COVID-19 Resources
HealthPRO® Heritage recognizes how this time calls for both urgency and sensitivity. It is indeed a critical moment for our healthcare system, and more broadly, our nation’s health and well-being. With that, we have assembled a series of communications and helpful resources for our staff and partners to assist with managing through this crisis. For more, click here.

RKL – Employer Resource Center
The RKL team is here to support your short and long-term needs around COVID-19.  To tap into our help in areas like business continuity, cash flow forecasting, workforce planning and management and more, click here.

Assured Partners – COVID-19 Resources
At AssuredPartners, we’re not just in the insurance business. We’re in the business of cementing powerful, lasting relationships. Like any outbreak of infectious disease, the spread of the Coronavirus can cause significant disruptions to our lives, our social interaction, our businesses and our economy. AssuredPartners is pleased to offer our clients valuable resources to help prepare and protect you against a serious disease outbreak utilizing these resources.

IntelyCare has created a 100% free nurse training program worth one contact hour to help SNFs and ALFs prepare for COVID-19. The course covers CDC & CMS best practices and prepares nurses for infection control surveys.

Americhem is offering disinfecting products that fall under EPA Emerging Pathogen List to cover COVID-19. View available products here. For more information, please contact Laurie Holmes at

OnShift Recruitment Toolkit
Approximately 16.8 million employees in industries like retail and hospitality are looking for temporary work to supplement their lost income. OnShift’s free Recruitment Toolkit features templates and best practices to help you stand out from the competition and recruit these displaced workers. For more information, click here.


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