B-1: State of the Association and Tomorrow’s Senior Living Opportunity: How to Be Netflix in a Blockbuster World

Zach Shamberg, PHCA’s new President and CEO, will review 2019 PHCA initiatives and results and present the challenges, opportunities and vision for the future. Immediately following the State of the Association, Matt Thornhill will present Tomorrow’s Senior Living Opportunity: How to be Netflix in a Blockbuster World.

We all know change is coming to senior living and senior care, but What? When? How? And importantly, Who? In this eye-opening keynote, Matt Thornhill – futurist, generations expert, and co-founder of the think tank Institute for Tomorrow – will share insights and perspectives on the future. In this informative and provocative session, you’ll gain a better understanding of the relevant trends impacting senior living and senior care. Matt also will share the implications of his firm’s most recent study about how today’s older Boomer thinks, feels, and behaves when it comes to where and how they’ll live, and how they plan to take care of themselves. He’ll show you how an understanding of the mindsets and preferences of today’s Boomers will create new opportunities for all.

Zach Shamberg, President and CEO, PHCA

Matt Thornhill, Chairman, Founder and Managing Partner, SIR’s Institute for Tomorrow

2019 Annual Convention & Trade Show

September 24-26

Valley Forge Casino Resort

King of Prussia, PA