State Legislation

PHCA Monitors Relevant Legislation that Impacts our Members

To see the state House and Senate bills we are tracking during the 2017/2018 legislative session, as well as the prime sponsor of the bill and where it is in the legislative process, see our list below.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Zach Shamberg, Director of Advocacy and Legislative Affairs, at (717) 221-7934 or

Legislative Update Bill Status Report

Modified: February 8, 2017 at 1:10 pm

Act providing for living wage accreditation for nursing facilities & for employer responsibility penalties for nursing facilities; establishing the Employer Responsibility for Public Assistance Fund; and imposing penalties.

SCO 424 (M)
Printer Number(s):
Bill History:
01-26-17  S  Filed
01-26-17  S  Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Health and Human Services

Act to provide from the General Fund for the expenses of the Executive, Legislative & Judicial Departments, the public debt & the public schools for the fiscal year July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

HB 365 (Refiled)
HB 1526 (Refiled)
HB 2077 (Refiled)
HB 2121 (Refiled)
SB 315 (Refiled)
Printer Number(s):
P0162 P1236 P2196
Bill History:
06-30-17  H  Signed in the House
06-30-17  S  Signed in the Senate
06-30-17  G  In the hands of the Governor
07-10-17  G  Last day for Governor's action
07-11-17  G  Became law without Governor's signature (Act: 1A)

Implements a living wage accreditation program for long-term care nursing facilities; requires nursing facilities to report certain information; imposes duties on DHS and DOH.

HB 192 (M)
Printer Number(s):
Bill History:
12-01-16  H  Filed
02-01-17  H  Superseded by - see HB 192

Requires long-term care facilities where residents transfer from one facility to another to provide notification of such move to the other facility and the affected local area agencies on aging.

HB 325 (M)
Printer Number(s):
Bill History:
12-08-16  H  Filed
02-07-17  H  Superseded by - see HB 325

Amends the MCARE Act (Act 13 of 2002) in order to provide further lawsuit-abuse reform for our long-term care facilities throughout the Commonwealth.

HB 1037 (M)
Printer Number(s):
Bill History:
03-06-17  H  Filed
03-31-17  H  Superseded by - see HB 1037
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