2017 PHCA Advocacy Day

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The Pennsylvania Health Care Association will host its annual advocacy day in Harrisburg on Wednesday, June 14.

This is an opportunity to talk to your state legislators and tell them about the terrific care that is provided to thousands of Pennsylvanians each day in nursing homes across Pennsylvania.

As you know, Pennsylvania’s skilled nursing facilities care for the sickest and frailest elderly and disabled who need 24/7 care. Over the years, the acuity (sickness) level of these residents has increased. As the level of care needed by nursing facility residents has risen, so has the cost of care.

We need to remind our legislators that Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program doesn’t come close to covering the real cost of care. Two-thirds of the residents are on Medicaid, and for each one of them the cost of care exceeds the Medicaid payments by an average of $25.43  per day.

During the June 14 Advocacy Day we will be seeking:

  • Medicaid funded nursing facilities need a 2.7% increase in the FY 2017-2018 budget. This would require $46 million in state funds, which will bring in $49 million in additional federal funds. 2.7% is the SNF market basket update reflecting the annual cost increase associated with nursing facility care. This increase is the minimum necessary to keep nursing facility funding on track with rising costs.
  • Provide $16 million to fully fund the Medicaid Access Program that legislators created four years ago to preserve access to care by offering incentive payments to centers that serve high Medicaid populations. The $16 million in state funds will bring in an additional $17 million in federal funds.

Zach Shamberg, PHCA’s Director of Advocacy and Legislative Affairs, is coordinating this year’s advocacy day activities. If you wish to participate or need to reach Zach with questions or comments, please contact him at zshamberg@phca.org or 717-221-7934.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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